Since it start in 2013, Algotech has been delivering high-end services for traders and financial institutions all over the world. Innovation levels are high with a clean cut and unorthodox way of doing business, with coders, programmers and analysts spread across the globe interacting with each other thru online conferences. 

Since its start, Algotech uses in-house proprietary trading models to achieve growth for its owners and investors.

By doing so, the company has been able to deliver a

yield over the past years widely surpassing traditional mutual fund returns.

High profitability, innovative trading solutions and a team of highly competent coders, traders, analysts and researchers ensures that Algotech will continue to outperform itself in both the near term as in the long term.

Algotech Limited with registration number 136,091 is a international limited liability company registered in Belize with its registered address at 1 1/2 Miles Northern Highway, Belize City, Belize.

Timothy Hellberg
Founder & HelCap Manager

Mr. Hellberg has studied international sales and marketing in Gothenburg, Sweden and has been trading forex for over 10 years.

He began his career in the industry as a Currency Broker in Sweden at what was then the leading analysis and asset management firm for forex trading in Sweden. Providing forex analysis to the worlds largest publicly traded hedge fund company; Man Group Plc. EMG:LN in London among others, the firm had a tough selection process when hiring new employes. Mr. Hellberg was one of two that where accepted in a original group of 12 candidates. He quickly proved his worth and was the fastest ever promoted employe to Senior FX Sales Manager. Being the youngest person to ever hold the title at the company he went on to form and manage his own team of currency brokers.

Late 2011 Mr. Hellberg decided to form his own companies, Bliss Capital and the Bliss Capital Group. The firms acted as consulting firms and proprietary trading firms trading the funds of Mr. Hellberg as well as selected investors capital. The trading was carried out by Mr. Hellberg himself as well as by proprietary trading robots.

Over the upcoming years, apart of running his own companies, Mr. Hellberg also consulted several different companies in the areas of algorithmic trading and overall forex analysis.

In 2013 he formed the company Algotech Ltd. a financial IT company developing financial programs and algorithmic trading robots.

Together with a global team of the industries top coders and developers Algotech accelerated the development of the proprietary trading system called Trinity. 
Later in 2013 he joined the leading asset management firm TrendTech AS in Oslo, Norway. The company was mainly focused on trading equities and had government funding to develop and research automated trading strategies by The Government Pension Fund Global, which is the biggest pension fund in Europe with a value of over $717 billion.

Mr. Hellberg joined with the assignment of establishing a forex trading department within the firm, as well as to contribute to the research conducted and take part in the overall expansion of the company. 

Late 2013, Mr. Hellberg got severely sick and moved back to Sweden to be close to family and friends while undergoing treatment. Although still running his own companies throughout the treatment.

As of 2014 Mr. Hellberg continued running his proprietary trading firms alongside with Algotech as well as taking on several consulting projects.
In 2015 4EX Watch was formed, a managed account business tailored more towards the retail investor market and later on in the beginning of 2016 officially launched.

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Algotech Limited with registration number 136,091 is a international limited liability company registered in Belize with its registered address at 1 1/2 Miles Northern Highway, Belize City, Belize.

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