Since 2010 HelCap's automated algorithms have been producing outstanding results, whilst still keeping the risk inside the set parameter (max -20% drawdown). Below you can take a closer look at our portfolio performance. The weight of the underlying strategies are adjusted ongoing by the Manager, and to see each individual strategies performance, visit the strategies page.

Creating high performing algorithms like the ones used by HelCap are neither cheap nor easy in any way. We take great pride in our proprietary models, and the amount of work we've put in perfecting the portfolio over the years. It is therefor of the upmost importance that we protect our code, our execution and mathematical models at all costs. Giving an in depth history of the trading, or running an open third-party verification service like for example MyFxBook or FXBlue is therefor not an option. We have however included screenshots from some of our nonpublic accounts and strategies, fully verified by independent third parties with limited data disclosed.

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